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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  February 22, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> this is the the fox report. tonight, what are we on the brifrpg of in eastern europe. president obama obama is telling another company not to cross the line or face consequences. and the federal government monitoring the nows media? and about-face from the fcc after plans from critics who said the fcc questioning the journalist about story system too intrusive and now the chairman said he grease. and also a crippling blow to u.s. farmers and the feds are
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cutting off much needed water supplies in an unprecedented move and how it blows you have your grocery bill. and tonight, a young woman overcoming incredible odds. she fought her way to the summer olympics and took home the gold and now wants to do it again. >> i am harris faulkner. a plan to put government researchers in newsroom is on hold now. the fcc scrapped that idea after back lash from news outlets and republicans and journalist. it would cover how we do do the nows. it is a victory for the first amendment. he's acknowledged that the study design came to close to the line when it came to intruding on
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core principles. in my few it was over the line and grad to make that concession as a victrow. >> the fcc spokes person defends the intentions and said any suggestion that the fcc is regulating the news is false. the fcc will fulfill to report on barriers and entry in the marketplace and revising the proposed study to a chief that goal. molly will this version of the study now go forward? >> prospects. the fcc controls licenses for media organizations and that is why it is a powerful agency and the international study is not going to happen. and the fcc said to be clear media owners and journalist will no longer be asked to participate in the pilot study.
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and the pilot will not be undertaken until a new study design is final. and any subsequent market studies if determined will not soak participation or enclude questions for media owners or news directors or reporters. the fcc is trying to ark session if the media in the u.s. is meeting the public's critical information needs. and critics said the questions in the study went too far in asking media owners and journalist how they select stories and what the news felos fee was. and how it was rejected by management and why. it remains to be seen what future studies look like and will not include controversial questions. harris? >> the next question is what will it include? >> tell get close scutteny. it brought renewed scutteny to the fcc and said three democrat
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and two republicans, and one of them said he wants to make sure the fcc doesn't become to intruthsive. >> i will remain vigilant in the future. and i will be calling it out as well. >> the initial study meant to question hundreds of media and journalist nation wide could have cost taxpayers $900,000. harris? >> thank you very much. new concerns about the future of ukraine. after days of deadly protest, there are fears that country could split in two. on one side leaning west and the other side leaning oast. the population there is 46 million. and today protestors tock control of the capitol and seizing the president's office.
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parliment voted to remove him from power and hold new elections. he is calling it a coup. he has left kiev for the support base. and the long time rival has been released from prison. there she is. and she is telling them to keep protesting and she is the icon and she was on jail after abusing office. western critics denounced the sentence as a political vendetta and she wants to run for president. gar ed is on the ground in kiev. with the opposition leader out of prison, is that helping or making things worse? >> i would say 50- 50 in terms of how they. and those who believe she is corrupt. and i think in terms of the
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current climate and what was achieved in the last 24 hours. she is a political dinosaur. she is telling people to keep protesting. on one day in recent days, 80 to hundred protestors died and that is when the world focused in on this and loc what do we have here? what is the general mood in the country right now? >> the general mood is mixed. there is a sense of relief and apprehensions. and people are not sure what comes next. and being, it is a scored victory of sorts and in terms of where the future lies tis unknown. >> it is a dangerous place for people still. >> i guess, all eyes are on the east of the country and russia if there is no intervention, it so manies like we are through
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the woods. and that things will be okay. and that is interesting. you think the lull is because the olympics are going on? >> yeah, i think if there was russian intervention, it would come after the big show has finished. >> very interesting. jar ed thank you very much for joining us by phone and giving us a peek of what is going on there. in response to all of this. our president warned that violence needs to end. and president obama told ukraine not to cross the line or there will be consequences. you may remember president obama used a similar warning in the war in called it a redline bac then. >> we have been very clear to
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the assad regime and also to other players on the grouped that a red line for us we start seeing a bunch of chemical weapons utalized and that would change my equation. >> we'll monitor the situation, recognizing that along with our european partners and international community that there is consequences if you step over the line. >> there were no consequences with the chemical weapons. keep in mind in syria it is a different scale of violence. syria's regime is accused of using chemical weapons on their own meem. edhenrow, not in the city but in the house anchoring today and joining us with the news, you often travel with the president.
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you have heard our phone call with jar ed. and his interpretation was interesting. if everything stays and russia does not get involved there will not be trouble. >> sure there is a difference between syria and ukraine. a lot of differences as you laid out especially because the white house took off the military option when it comes to ukraine and they are looking at sanctions. even republicans who normally don't support saying sanctions could back fire because it could drive the leaders in the hands of president putin. potting cases the president said there is a line you cross it and there is consequences. and there is consequences and say with syria there were not consequences, at least not yet.
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they pulled back, the u.s. did from military action in part because assad would tufrp over the weapons. and he hasn't. and the question is credibility for the president. >> credibility and where we stand in the world in terms of threatening the other countries. in the case of syria he's facing more pressure not only from republicans, but fellow democrats saying the civil war is three years on and we have interest in the ukraine it is an important spot as you laid out from the map. and the bottom line with syria, the national security advisers and james clapper saying that al-qaeda terrorist basically breeded in syria and they are terrorist that could streak against. and israel is in the neighborhood and middle east. and remember how terrorist were habored in afghanistan before 9/11.
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and so the national security interest are clear in syria there is no easy options. but with ucane fewer options and frankly while the white house said the president is monitoring the situation the u.s. is sitting and waiting. >> and i hear everything you said. president putin is in the center of this. two reasons. we need to know what he's thinking. didn't he and president obama have a conversation. >> based on the frostiness of the relationship. is putin telling the president obama what he's thinking and will he do something different? >> the white house put out a statement, we are watching the situation closely and we'll keep working with our allies and, and russia, and that is a dick durbin statement. >> we'll get to that. >> jay carney said we'll work with our allies and russia and
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in that statement russia is not in the category of al unser, al and that is not a surprise. but the reset button, it hadn't work out. >> like the staples easy button. you keep hitting it. i want to press on in syria putin have the dialogue with the leaders there. >> pentagon officials said for a week they are roaching out to the ukranian military leaders and defense leaders and they were not responding. they were concerned that the ukranian military might crack down on the protestors more. thankfully while there was concern for that is looked like the violence is coming down. but there is chaos there. and the developments jay carney said that will lead to elections that come sooner.
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there was a truce a few days ago. and it department hold. >> and dick durbin out of illinois released the statement. he is talking about the opposition leader. her support for a constitutional path forward for all ukranians and this goes on with the fact that she will keep the peace there. it is interesting, if the pathways were open, wouldn't the president have this conversation? no respect to dick did your dht bin. but why him? >> he's speaking out because there is a large ukranian- american population in illinois. and it is fair to weigh in. but the u.s. president is trying to figure this out and the other thing our reporter on the ground was saying a moment ago about
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the opposition leader. no one knows if she is washed up or means what she said. and delivering on what she tells dick did yourbin and others. and the president said here assad must go. who will release assad? >> interesting question. all of these national security challenges are not easy. >> come monday you will be outside of the white house. would you write all of this stuff on a note and give it to the president. >> yeah, we are pretty tight. >> it is great to have you in the studio. we'll instagram and tweet. tock old fashioned selfie. >> and i like the pictures of your family. >> god bless you, and right now, moving on, the mexican drug cartel consider this an man
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and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! the world's most wanted drug lord is captured after a year on the run. he has been taken into custody. two masked mexicans escorted him to take him to prison. he was found in a hotel resort following a month long investigation. it is a land mark achievement. gusman's empire reached throughout america and europe and australia. his cartel is involved in the drug war.
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the mexican government is considering extraditing him to the united states so he will not escape prison. >> apple is revealing a major software problem and it is so serious it puts personal information at risk. it is affecting iphones and ipads and other devices. it could give easy access to financial information and more. this is a lot of people. >> and everybody with a iphone and ipad. at least one expert said i think the issue is bad as you can imagine. apple quietly revealing a major vulnerability on the current version of iok and macos ten software. and the part responsible for encrypting the internet traffic.
4:20 pm
the flaw could make apple devices susceptible to the man in the middle where they secower log in and other personal information that is meant to be encrypted and hackers could put links and real e-mails and set up phony websites to steal information. they are likely to get it through untrusted or open wiowa- fi networks at home or public places like coffee shops. apple urged users to down load the update. if you have a iphone four and ipad two. and a security fix for maccomputers is expected son. >> interestingly enough there is speculation that the security flaw was used by the national security agency. nbrian, thank you very much and
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a w, you upon i love racing, day tonia 500 is tomorrow on fox. the united states air force thunderbirds honored the official track stars in the back society of the f- 15 fighter jet. he looks happy. we are looking at the view of his flight from inside of the cockpit. lea, this was special. >> reporter: it was special,
4:25 pm
harris. it was a exciting day for him. he was a 24-year-old and born without legs. this is not slowed him down. he had an incredible flight with the united states thunderbirds. and this is the first time they didn't fly somebody who didn't have legs. he said he still had the jitters. >> it was so fast and once on top of the clouds, it was peaceful and everything on down low looked so insignificant and at peace. and then the g- force and we went 5 or 6 g's. >> moving at high spode is nothing anyhow for leaper. he won a silver and bropz for blade running and he is flying today with elot pilots. they are the demonstration time
4:26 pm
and the best tactical pilots in the air force. he relates to what they do. >> the respect for them a man controlling a machine and i am a man controlling a machine and going to top speed. you have to control it and be in complete control and even in the worst and best positions. harris, as you mentioned. he is hanerary for the race. >> we don't want to dmraz over the facts that we have experience doing this. and tell me what was it like for him and what was he sensing? >> there are so many sensations going on and a completely unique experience. and they fly the f- 16s and that can go up to two times the speed of sound. they don't fly that fast for air shoes and he was going 600 miles per hour and just under the
4:27 pm
spode of sound. it is requirements to be able to fly with this time. in case the plane were to crash you could quickly get out of the plane. he is able to because he is got great agility. >> it sounds like he is ready and he can make any situation turn around. >> reporter: he is an incredible guy and over come obstacles. it was a great day for him. >> did you miss it when you watch those. >> reporter: you really hit me with that, harris. you cannot miss flying when you so this. it takes you back to what it is like to feel the jet and fly. it if i was flying with them. i would be in the front seat and had the throttles. >> good to have you and great story. thank you. >> lea tells me that blake
4:28 pm
leaper will be here on fox and friends in the studios here on home base. fox head quarter ares don't miss it. going from bad to worse for very desperate farmers and they are learning that washington will not offer emergency water splois, even in the middle of a drought. everybody could feel the fallout of that decision. and plus, oh, it really is a miracle. and it happen in miami. a baby stopped breathing and saved by a quick- thinking aunt and others whom she credits for helping to keep me calm. >> i would like to thank them. i was a hot mess. if not for them. i don't know if i would have had the presence of mind to do what needed to be done.
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>> i am harris faulkner and this is the fox report. in the bottom of the hour antigovernment protestors took control of ukraine's capitol city and parliment out voted the president. that president left kiev and refusing to resign. the security counsel is taking a stand and passed a resolution to provide humanitarian aid all over the country. and farmers in this country
4:33 pm
california punched in the gut by the federal dpft and may have a ripple affect. they are in need of rain in the middle of the drought and the feds will not provide irrigation in the state central valley. that move could send food prices soaring andom nick, what do they do now>> reporter: farmers are really to scratch their heads there. if the feds can't give water they will look for other sources. there is not much on the ground or under it here in california. they are going to have to look at precautions they tock 40 years ago to fix it. take a listen. back in 1976, they had eight county water trucks that rain 18 straight months to help the dairies to survive the lack of water. we are looking at resurrecting that to some degree. joishgs that depends on how much
4:34 pm
water they have in the rez vors. levels are a third of what they should be, harris. >> what about private citizens doing in i understand the farmers and businesses, but the people are affected by this? >> reporter: the rising price of food. the department of agriculture 3 or 3 percent in terms of food prices and they will revise that figure come tuesday this coming week. and we'll see how much prices will go up. and access to water. some municipality are looking at cutting splois for the water 50 percent and we are seeing shortages where the faucets are going off. the crisis is right now and affectingly people immediately. >> thank you very. >> we'll go to a blow for millions of senior americans, the obama will make cuts to medicare advantage program.
4:35 pm
critics are worried that could mean higher health care costs and few benefits and choices. where is all of that money going? obama care is the answer and jim angle locks at this from washington. >> age 70 is 15 million seniors who signed up for medicare advantage and delivers more options and better prices. >> the advantage plan is so much better because there was competition in the marketplace. >> frank has a net egg but 6 and 10 only make 30,000 a year and they like it for things medicare doesn't cover. >> it is a larger package that takes care of a $doctor and hospital and prescription drug coverage and combines it and keeps it simple for their own billing. >> reporter: the obama administration is continuing to make cuts, 40 senators including
4:36 pm
schummer and bennett wrote the administration urging no more cuts, calling the program a great success and saying that cuts create disruption and confusion. but with 200 billion in cuts plans are disappearing and the footballs predict. >> we'll have no more cuts to medicare advantage. >> frank and his wife live in virginia beach, where several plans dwindled to one. >> i called anthem and i said what is up? things are too up in the air and we are kind of concerned about where things are going and we decideed to pull out of the market. >> this meant the elimination of 26 percent of the medicare advantage plans and that means seniors are running into if you like your plan you get to keep
4:37 pm
it, oops, no. that means new plan and new doctors. >> the advantage plan has minimum standards for the availability of doctors and drive times to see them and something important for the seniors. frank had open heart surgery after his regular doctor spotted a problem. >> you have somebody who doesn't know your body and you are old, you have a problem. >> 400 plans have been cancelled. and another 200 plans are pared back a beginning of ten years of cuts. democrats feel that will have repercussions in the ballot box where seniors are reloyable voters. >> she grew up in one of the toughest towns in america and a now olympics champion.
4:38 pm
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>> in case you missed. it we joined the cast of fox and friends every morning on fridays. and working along to bring viewers remarkable story in black history month. roger ark le started the mentoring program to promote diversity in the tv industry. i share a story with you. clar isza dpru up in flint, michener and it was a tough town. she discovered boxing and when she gotted in of the rope an
4:42 pm
olympics champion was born. traeping begins in the morning and usually with a run. >> what makes her special is her ability to listen. she has so much determination it is crazy and she will not give up. i don't know where she got the drive from, but whatever it is, it was working. >> getting things to work in flint can be challenging. according to the census bureau 38 percent of the city lives below the poverty level and unemployment hoef aring at ten percent things are not getting better soon. but she loves the town. >> my drive comes from flint. people have a lot of hope in me and when i give up, they will give up, too. >> growing up she had plenty of chances of giving up. >> i had a dark child hod.
4:43 pm
i didn't talk a lot. i didn't learn how to talk until i was five and after that i still didn't talk much. >> her father went to prison for breaking and entering when she was two and her mother abused alcohol. >> my mom was a huge partier and i wanted to stay away from people and i had a lot ofanger and first to the fifth grade and then after that. i started blowing up on everybody and having attitude problems. >> she moved in with her grandfather who lived a few blocks where flint legends come and gone and there she put her life back together. >> she came in and stood at the door and looked for a couple of days and said are you crazy, you want to box, why? she said i want to box and i want to be remembered. if manage happens to me, i want to be remembered that i done
4:44 pm
something. and she met jason, a coach and trainer and a man who cared for her like a second father. >> he never asked me for anything. he strictly trained me and as time went on and he never tried anything ever. >> you right handed? >> and t look at it, i sewn a kid that needed help. and i was a kid at one time and i was taught if you can help something you help them. >> it went from trusting him from outside of the ring and then to in the ring. >> every since she showed promise, jason trained her for something bigger. >> i said, clar isza, one day they might let women in the olympics. she said yeah. >> that primnition came true.
4:45 pm
she was the only women and american to raise a gold medal in boxing. >> it was like i was flying and i anyhow i was happy and it was in my hands and oh, my goodness. and i was like thank you, god all over. and i was floating on a cloud for a woke. >> i was so happy for her. i looked at her when she had the medal and she was cheesing and looking at it. and i was so happy for her. and i anyhow she could do it. >> after a hero's welcome in plent she was the first in her family to go to college and receiving a full scholarship in a private school an hour and half from flint and now she will go to rio and winning a second gold medal. >> i know what i have to do to win in the olympics. i have to train harder and she
4:46 pm
is like an insperation to a lot of people. i tell her to explain. hey, how did you get there? she said i listened and i worked hard. and i never gave up. >> at the end of my career i want to be known as the best woman boxer and i came from nothing and i lived in a crazy town and had parents and i still made. it i still made something out of myself. >> indeed she has. and as the winter olympics are wrapping up. i thought it was a good time to look at what we have coming up. she will be in the summer olympics we hope. go risza. and a special thanks to the hard working people in chelsea pierce for letting us film the pictures. this was a story all over social media. that baby that had
4:47 pm
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south americas two popes attending a ceremony. pope benedict was on hand as pope francis named 19 new cardinals. and they come from all over the world. the main job of electing the next pope and this time no american was selected.
4:51 pm
and playing a role in the box office. and an hour long special. and they are the producers of the now film son of god and joining shawn hanitty. they are discussing the religion in america. >> a lot of media play it as americans don't love god. so not true. we have been in 30 cities and churches are full. some are asking them to go on saturday night to make room for all of the new people coming on sunday. you can watch it on hanity 10 o'clock p.m. eastern. >> an update on baby sebastian in miami. we are now hearing from the aunt who performed cpr on the highway in thick traffic. her amazing coolness captured on
4:52 pm
the camera. she pulled over desperate for help after her five month old nenow stopped breathing. no one being step in and so she had to act. i had my training seven years ago and i was too nervous to do it and that's why i exited the car and creaming for help and asking for someone to do cpr and everybody said they didn't. and i kneeled down and the people calmed me down. >> i just did it. it was not a thought. it was a natural reaction. >> doctors say she did everything right. we are told he is in stable but serious condition and should be out of the hospital soon. >> looks like he has a hand and waving. >> and flames on a moving target. top stories as we go across
4:53 pm
america. washington, that fire at a popular marinna in the northwestern corner of the state. >> it was just billowing black smoke. >> an entire dock burned down. fishing boats and pricey yacht up in flames. 1 million in damage. >> once gasoline starts boiling and expands and vaporized, you can't control the four. no injuries were reported. >> allegators stuck on a storm drain. and it was sticking its head out. and at last check it was trapped in the drain. >> reminder you can't have to cake and eat it, too. and loving with an entire cake he didn't pay for. they got an idea and posted the video on line. and unidentified woman showed up
4:54 pm
days later to pay for the tollen dessert. >> also in california, a girl scout tapping in a new market and san francisco and selling her cookies outside of a marijuana clinic and people getting high and hungry. >> her mother said she solid 117 boxes in two hours. >> we have sewn sinkholes and open up in golf courses and everywhere. and this time it chomped on classic corvette. 60 foot sinkhole swallowing up expensive cars. and now, new information on what is done to pull them out. ♪ the old map tock my money as he stared at my corvette. he said i had one like her son
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the national corvette museum in kentucky had a sinkhole that opened up and took corvettes with it. turns out the sinkhole is helping the museum to be a big tourist attraction. don't get to close to that thing. you know it is still moving. contractors are trying to bring a kraen in to get them all out. you may remember the surveillance video that went viral. you can see how fast the hole held up. they will be fully restored. and before we go a quick check on headlines. massive protest in venezuela. people are upset about the lack of basic goods.
4:59 pm
there is a death of an american student in the ambassador. john's family was found inside of a railroad tunnel. he was hit by a train. the junior was last seen alive two days ago. on this day in 1980, the world watched the dramatic upset in sports history. winter olympics games in lake mra sid, new york. the underdog hockey time defending the gold medal soviet squad and regarded as the fine of the in the world they fell to the young americans four- throw before a crowd of 10,000 spectators and it was more than a olympics victory. to the americans it was a cold war triumph and meaningful as the berlin air lift and two days
5:00 pm
later the americans beat finland. that miracle on ice happen 34 years ago today. sadly no medal for the men's time they lost to finland. huckabee is next. canned chore -- >> tonight on huckabee. the president called 2014 a year of action. >> president is doing without congress getting involved. >> 2014 is the year of midterm election. >> you don't have 218 votes you have nothing. >> can the gop address the issue of jobs and obama care. we'll have no chance of stopping obama for two more years if we don't take more seats in the house and win the senate. >> republicans can't win because the democrats fumble the ball. they have to carry it to the goal line. tonight a huckabee special. how can th


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